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For the first time ever, this exclusive project brings to prudent dental professionals the real story about the future of American dentistry. The real story is the first every scientific explanation of the powerful forces and phenomena that are irreversibly reshaping private practice. The official story of the future of dentistry is not the true story. Acting on the official story will lead to a national disaster. Acting on the real story will lead to unprecedented, permanent prosperity. Time is running out...

The Most Recent Report From The Gold-Standard, National Health Expenditures Survey Is Truly Alarming! The Situation Is Now Urgent! It's A Ticking Time Bomb!

Released last week, this preeminent study started in 1960 reveals the shocking truth about what is happening in the $102 billion US Dental Services Industry. For the first time ever, this once-robust industry suffered an unprecedented crash.

Unfortunately, the media report of this unprecedented, extremely serious event was delivered with a causal, ho-hum, nonchalant, even pathological lack of meaning. It is definitely not business as usual! It is another example of a "little neglect" that has weakened healthcare for decades. (Read more... )

This crash was so dramatic that one must see the chart to fully understand the severity of this catastrophic event. In short, this keystone industry not only plunged below the historical 4% "catastrophic threshold," it went into a contraction, a negative growth condition. There was about a 500% drop in the industry rate of growth.

The implications and the consequences of this truly astonishing event have profound importance for all dental practice organizations, especially the most well established and the biggest ("the bigger they are, the harder they fall")
 (read more... )

It is an easily demonstrated fact: American dentistry is facing a classic, violent industry collapse. If you are shocked, it is a normal response. If you are disbelieving, it is also a normal response. If you are "stuck" (fear paralysis) it is also a normal response; quickly "working through" these normal responses is profoundly advisable. Fortunately, there is very good news, too.

If you are planning to stay in private practice, and if you want to ensure that your hard-earned investment thus far is not ruined by what is rapidly approaching, you must learn more. If you want to escape this undeniable calamity, you must make the right moves. And you must take appropriate action before it is too late. The good news is that there is a proven, scientifically legitimate, historical valid, eminently authoritative remedy to this looming predicament. You are reading it. Paradoxically, the present is a period of unprecedented opportunity.

What is especially worrisome about this second catastrophic event and the clear and present danger it brings, is that the level of management sophistication in the industry to successfully meet this monumental challenge simply does not exist. Why? There is a 100-year management knowledge gap born of a "little neglect."

The Dental Right Moves Project brings to the dental community the first legitimate time line. It is easy to demonstrate this fact: Time, precious time, is rapidly running out.

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The Five Principals Of Survival In A Hostile Business Environment Turn Adversity Into Opportunity. Now They Are Ready To Go To Work For You!

If you were among the audience of dental professionals who have received numerous communications about this project during the last decade, and who are already aware of the exclusive work of the private, highly successful 27-year R&D program in the San Diego region, you already know that this program produced the best kept secret in American dentistry. 

Because of the rapidly approaching challenges facing even the most well-established practices, these five powerful principles are being urgently made available to all progressive, private practitioners who not only want to sidestep the looming calamity but who also want the recognition of being on the cutting edge of contemporary dentistry, and who also want permanent prosperity and great peace of mind regardless of how severe the emerging crisis becomes. Because of the emerging predicament, about which only a few private practitioners are fully aware, you will not want to waste any time putting these principles to work in your practice. 

Some of the extensive performance documentation is presented here. These principles are based on an amazing discovery made three decades ago by a respected business scholar. Except for some of the most successful, most powerful companies in the world, these principles have been generally ignored. It's amazing, yet true!

For decades, these principles have been extensively developed, tested, and proven in private practice to produce impressive, even spectacular, results even during the most demanding economic conditions possible. It's paradoxical: the worse things get, the better these five principles work. Request the white paper and get started today. Learn the impressive power these secrets bring to private practice. Now, you get a head start on your colleagues and your competition. Based on the scientific evidence, and as extensively demonstrated here, time is indeed rapidly running out. Don't delay, act today!

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Which Dentist Will Benefit From Learning More About The Exclulsive Dental Right Moves Project?

The Exclusive Right Moves Project Is Reaching A Select Group Of American Dentists In Private Practice. If You Want Freedom Of Choice And Freedom From Whims And Vagaries Of An Increasingly Hostile Business Environment As The US Dental Services Industry Grinds Through The Mature Stage Of Its Life Cycle, Then You Should Take This Opportunity To Learn More. It's Important Because Time Is Rapidly Running Out; A Circumstance About Which Few Dental Professionals Are Aware.

Plus, You Will Want To Know More About This Project If You Pride Yourself On Keeping Your Practice Organization On The Cutting Edge Of Contemporary Dentistry.

The project is reaching progressive dentists who are dedicated to full-service, patient-centered, fee-for-service practice: if you want to build, extend, and expand the reach of your practice to a huge, highly profitable, exclusively fee-for-service premium patient population of your choosing, you must know more about one of the most powerful advances in the business of dentistry – ever. 

At first, most dental professional say it is: "just too good to believe!" yet, even the most hard-boiled skeptic agrees, once they learn more, that the Dental Right Moves Project brings truly exceptional benefits to doctors in private practice, despite the rapidly approaching, dramatic, difficult challenges that will change the face of American dentistry as the entire industry explodes into the new paradigm. 

Plus, if you want to build, balance, and bolster the most desirable, the most profitable, and the most synergistic mixture of clinical and cosmetic services for your practice, then invest a few minutes now to learn more about what our lagging, foot dragging colleagues still doggedly insist is impossible, or must be unethical, or illegal. In a rigorous 12 year demonstration project conducted during the most challenging times (the first big crash, when the industry rate of growth crashed equivalent to twenty 1929 stock market crashes), practice revenues and patient volume grew about 30% a year, every year. This growth was about three times greater than the then-robust growth of the US Dental Services Industry. The reason: doing the right things at the right time. Check out the Definitive Authority Document and go to page 60.

What’s more, if you want to predictably and precisely control the flow, the volume, and the payment mixture of preferred, fee-for-service patients permanently joining your practice, you must know more about the powerful portfolio of resources painstakingly developed in a highly successful, 27-year proprietary R&D program in the business of private practice dentistry. The historical performance of the project demonstrated that a private practice organization could control the flow of about 70% of the preferred patients in a targeted geographic area.

This work proved under the most demanding, difficult, and challenging competitive conditions how a progressive practice could enjoy a staggering 800% increase in preferred, fee-for-service patient volume in just two years with a rate of profitability that was an impressive 50% higher than all other comparable, competing practices – it’s an easily demonstrated fact! This work produced the most sophisticated model of patient recruitment in the entire healthcare establishment. This model of patient recruitment has produced the longest, continuously running patient outreach effort in the state of California, if not the nation. This patient outreach effort has been conducted for three decades and is still going strong.

Also demonstrated was the unmatched power to bring into practice membership from any selected geographic area up to 70% of all of the right patients, with the right needs, at the right time, from the right places, and with the right motivation. The parent 27-year R&D innovation development program created the most sophisticated model of patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry. The nine beliefs that make up this model are the driving force of selecting a doctor and highly motivated treatment acceptance. For more details on this discovery, visit the Definitive Authority Document and go to page 47.

What’s more, while many practices were struggling, stagnating, or shrinking, these proprietary resources since 1990 were producing booming, highly profitable, exclusively fee-for-service practice growth.  A case in point: patient volume and practice revenues were surging ahead each year at 28-30% per year and peaking at 60% per year in one rigorous 12-year demonstration. Plus, there was absolutely no advertising, no fluffy, puffy PR, no time-consuming patient solicitation disguised as doctor lectures, no hype, no crass commercialism, and no strings attached! The exclusive patient recruitment "technology" is the only method that was especially developed for the professional service businesses in American healthcare.

Not only that, this superior performance was accomplished in the most staunchly competitive geographical areas in the county and in areas purported to be “all managed care!”  Even more impressive, this astonishing rate of growth in exclusive fee-for-service patient volume was fully 15 times faster than the then-roaring US economy during the same time period. Following the principles of survival in a hostile business environment is the main reason for this exceptional, continuous success.

Also notable, these exclusive resources boosted practice profitability significantly, about 50%, using sophisticated patient outreach only and not by imposing any painful, crippling cutbacks. It’s one way to reduce the profit squeeze gouging even the most well-established practices. And, it is also great peace of mind.
When even the most well-established practices were groaning under the profit squeeze of sinking reimbursement, this exclusive R&D program was scientifically demonstrating how proprietary patient outreach produced a rate of practice profitability that was not only an astounding 53% higher than comparable practice organizations, but it was also surging higher and higher at an average compounding rate of growth of 18% per year!   Unbelievable, yet true!

There Are A Dozen More Good Reasons Why This Exclusive Portfolio Of Proven Resources Is Good Business For Progressive Dentists Committed To Full Service, Patient-Centered, Quality-Driven, Highly Profitable, Fee-For-Service Private Practice.  Here Are Just Two More Good Reasons.

#1. These Scientifically Proven Practice Development Resources Produced Rapid, Robust, Predictable Practice Leadership Even In The Worst Times.

This exclusive portfolio of high performance practice development resources demonstrated under the most challenging conditions the unprecedented power to propel a practice organization from a minor 10% share of all targeted, preferred fee-for-service patients to a dominant 52% share in less than a decade, impressive even in the best of times. The reason: in the mature stage of the industry life cycle, often called "hostile business environments," firms that follow five principles can enjoy exceptional growth and profitability. See the Right Moves Historical Performance Document, page 7.

What’s more, this stunning performance was also counter-normative and proven in the worst of times. Strong performance was continuously demonstrated between 1991 and 1999 when the rate of growth of the entire US healthcare industry was technically collapsing and US dentistry suffered three stunning, five-year “implosions” comparable to more than twenty 1929 stock market crashes. These crashes went undetected because they were masked by high absolute growth. How is such strong, counter-normative performance possible? The secret is knowing and mastering five little-known principles discovered by a respected business scholar decades ago but still totally unknown in the business of dentistry today.

#2. Not Only Do You Keep Your Practice On The Cutting Edge Of Contemporary Dentistry, You Gain Favorable Recognition Among Patients And Colleagues.  Plus, You Get The Jump On Your Competition Because You Stand Among The Leaders In Dentistry Who Are Bringing America’s Top Oral Health Initiative Into Local Practice. This Project Is Unquestionably Good Dentistry, Good Dental Business, And Good Community Health.

These exclusive, high-performance practice development resources are made available to progressive dentists exclusively through a distinguished, preeminent, gold-standard, 37-year national program created, sponsored, and still vigorously advocated by the National Institutes of Health and backed by hundreds of notable, respected organizations.

The parent Right Moves program has been endorsed by a Blue Ribbon coalition of seven federal agencies, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and 38 prominent associations, such as the American Dental, the American Pharmaceutical, and the American Medical Associations, the College of Preventive Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians.

Way ahead of its time, the driving philosophy of the program is this: if disease is to be controlled and prevented in local communities, it will only be successfully accomplished when conducted as a dedicated, profitable, professional service business enterprise.

Plus, if health, enhanced personal appearance, uplifted self-esteem, and authentic well being are to be successfully promoted, this goal will only be achieved when professionally yet aggressively marketed to patients as consumers. Today these philosophies have literally become the centerpiece of American health policy for the new century and it’s called Partnerships for Health In The New Millennium. Check it out for yourself. But first...

Call now and schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation in the privacy of your office. Don’t learn about this exclusive portfolio of powerful resources from a colleague, or worse yet, from your competitors. Don’t be surprised by the emerging crisis. Even the most well established practices are vulnerable today. Regardless of how severe the crisis becomes, you will be steadily building long-term prosperity and preserving your hard-earned investment in private practice.

Don’t miss out!  Don’t delay! Call Today.

Francis A. Toto
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The Right Moves Project, established 1982.
San Diego, CA

PS. If you would like further evidence proving the performance and power of the first-ever, patient recruitment technology that has been advocated by every Surgeon General since the year 2000, and if you would like more proof of the the power of the five principles of survival in hostile business environments, please request the free white paper by filling out the form above. Or you can contact me directly by phone. Because of the urgency of the emerging situation, I will be available 24/7 to answer your questions.